Construction and application methods of industrial and civil sound insulation.


Construction and application methods of industrial and civil sound insulation.
Application of industrial soundproofing: To minimize noise in factories or sound will spread to residential areas, affecting public health, people often make soundproofed rooms, shells sound insulation or soundproofing for medium or large or small devices, according to Vietnamese Standard, the noise level must be below 70 Dba during the day and at night is 56 Dba.
Therefore, to minimize noise, people must use soundproofing materials: Soundproof materials include Glass Cotton, Fiber Bonded, Cotton Pottery, Rockwool or Mouse soundproof, depending on the noise level of the machine, but people use materials with density from 35 to 120 Kg / m3. for different devices.
Standard noise is often taken into account for many materials such as Tuong Xay, Type Brick, and many devices related to soundproofing a product, in order to complete the product, Engineering Company needs the best materials, but It must also bring the best price for users to save costs in a maximum way for users.
Application of studio and civil sound insulation: Sometimes using industrial applications to bring people such as soundproofing bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen, most of the market still use sound insulation for applications in daily life activities, often people use sawdust, or materials such as burning ash from trees, to apply in the daily life or studio is the place where children people who are in constant contact, for soundproofing the dining room related to residential areas or houses in some companies still do not understand the toxicity of Rockwool, contracted cotton, including many toxic and non-toxic particles. protect human health.
The maximum restrictions for soundproofing of dining rooms, bedrooms or places where there are human activities, some companies also do not understand that the application of industrial materials for civil use is completely wrong.
Soundproofing of Karaoke rooms can still use glasswool, Rockwool or cotton thread because the place is often concentrated and there is only a certain time, so we absolutely do not recommend using soundproof materials. this.
Therefore, in order to have the best use of raw materials for users, both industrial and civil users, the person who chooses the material must have enough documents to prove that the best product for the company Industrial and not harmful to public health.

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