Project and common problems in projects


Project and problems of contractor and investor.
Today, when the society develops, almost urban projects, high-rise buildings, complexes, residential areas almost spring up every day, instead of inadequate consequences on product quality and quality. housing and all equipment are largely influenced by the construction contractors to the more senior management units, in general the projects are the same from the division of management and the construction contractors. the same form and it becomes implications for the future.
For contractors we in particular or larger contractors with greater supervision and management of work, in general the derived role of the management unit often calls it the Supervisory Consultant, the contractors are almost also came into existence with Companies under the management or top management and almost today due to the economic downturn, acquaintances and lack of a role or ability to manage managers. construction supervision, labor loss, material loss and financial waste leading to double construction costs, greatly affecting national economic interests.

Why it comes to national economic interests: For if there is strict regulation and good capacity to navigate contractors into a good product, then it is almost complete nothing to say, furthermore due to poor management and technical ignorance leading to equipment damage, waste of contractor finances, sharing, street drinking, almost causing loss and influence or kill contractors, to lead to contractors defaulting or accumulating debts. Because this problem causes degradation and bankruptcy of businesses, enterprises are in recession or bankruptcy, the country’s economy will be affected a lot and create hidden risks for the future.
Bidding, Bidding and Bidding: In general, due to the continued growth in opening a business from a career that people have learned in school, a few additional skills with a few years of experience can open up for you. A company with a charter capital of up to tens of billion dong, but the business is empty and has nothing but two numbers. When acquainted and contracted, almost everything is hiring and professional Industry is also almost nothing at all and this is also a concern for the future. At this time, the bid can be done, but it is often occupied with capital and finance, leading to the business breakdown and bankruptcy. Bid quotes are often based on specification requirements, working principles, and quality of the final product. For how much money, for an incompetent Company, management will almost harm the works.

Due to influence from many companies, many individuals create unwarranted organizations, influencing most of the growing or competent businesses that are present in the market.
Capital appropriation: On the issue that causes headaches for construction contractors with good promises during construction, leading to the Contractor’s confidence that the Investor or the Owner has the ability but really the capital are appropriated from small businesses, individuals or organizations by acquaintance or by the Company wanting to create jobs for the business.
Supervision Consulting: Nowadays, with the advent of witty supervision consulting companies, there are no professional qualifications, no distribution of management rights, leading to the wrong management of the wrong people, leading to wrong and damaged works. Most of the comprehensive project in the territory of Vietnam is almost affected a lot because the supervising unit “does not have any expertise in it and also works as a supervision consultant”. But why are they trusted by the investor and entrusted with the management and killing power in their hands because of a brotherly relationship, a friend relationship, a referral relationship, an intermediary relationship or a relative relationship? is willing to have a good job without competency.

Process: Everything is created from the Workflow or the Installation Process but to this day, when a contractor comes up with a process, it turns out that some Consulting Firm has more knowledge to manage, but Under the expertise of the contractor, almost the Process or action is just a habit or only a small amount of experience that should also write a process.
Product quality: Almost to give the best product quality, the cheapest price is too unreasonable, because in order to create a good product, the price must be attached because of the conditions to make a good product. But with too low price and slow construction, slow to entice many contractors to go bankrupt.
Today with the motto “We constantly improve the quality of services and improve knowledge to bring customers the best products”. For the above-mentioned evidence, it is almost like we cultivate and improve our products. I am a professional contractor also have to give up because our motto is “whatever they want, they do” but who knows what they do in their house. and when the project goes down, they dump it all on the contractor by financial detention, contract penalties and the most stupid handling they come up with.
In today’s work, each Company, Enterprise wants to give themselves a foothold that completely breaks all technical principles, principles of basic problems. By doing the technique that “we feel” then it is almost as if those individuals are only making consequences for society. If you are so lame, the society will nurture you, and if you are healthy and your authority is too high, it will ruin all your work and break the roof of society.



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