Structure of generator soundproof box


The generator soundproof box is a box-like soundproofing made of corrugated iron and assembled into blocks, hollow inside to accommodate equipment in the form of conventional motor or motor drives, creating loud noises. This block is responsible for shielding the device and ensuring that the sound does not escape.

The basic generator soundproof box structure is from 1.5mm to 4mm corrugated iron, depending on the needs of each Company or individual. The inside of the soundproof box is framed with a reinforcement wall to support the weight of the 4 sides of the soundproof walls. Inside these walls are cut, double eyelid to create a high aesthetic cube.

Pre-built products based on 3D dissipation:

Generator soundproof boxes come in many shapes, square, rectangular, with radiator tower and no tower, with many side ventilation boxes to ensure the air in and out for the entire operating system.
Economic value: For each different climatic environment that engineers design they will produce materials with equivalent marks to ensure the work efficiency of the equipment for each project.
The generator soundproof box has many materials such as iron, stainless steel and aluminum. The structure of each material is different and the cost is also influenced more than the materials chosen in the normal environment.
For marine environments or high humidity then choose better materials for the whole device. To ensure the best operation of the device inside as well as increase the working efficiency of the device.
STC Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd is a company specializing in providing soundproof installation for a comprehensive industrial and civil system for the whole territory of Vietnam.
From the motto to the career enthusiasm, We are committed that our products meet all industrial and civil standards.

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