Soundproof room generator and soundproof room equipment


Soundproof room generator and soundproof room equipment
To build a generator soundproof room, usually comes with the volume of the engine room including how many generators and how is the soundproofing? depending on the project is concentrated in a residential area or an industrial zone. Often investors will make requirements and policies to respond to the requirements of consumers.

Generator soundproof room or industrial system room AHU machine room, Root Blower engine room or soundproof box for industrial systems. Depending on the needs of use, higher sound insulation thickness and standards are given to minimize the noise emitted from outside that affects the users or neighboring residential areas.

The soundproof generator system includes:
1.1 Chimney system: A chimney system or exhaust system is a conduit that is connected from a generator to away from the residential area or far from where the machine is operated to avoid workplace pollution.
2.2 Soundproof ceiling system, local sound-absorbing wall: Depending on technical characteristics of sound-absorbing ceilings, soundproof walls have a minimum thickness of from 50 to 200 mm.
2.3 Wind sound absorption system: Wind sound absorption system includes Inlet Air and Outlet Air. The wind ventilation system includes many interwoven sound absorbers to minimize noise for the surrounding environment.
2.4 Fuel system and pump cabinet, piping system: Depending on the number of machines, choose the main tank and oil tank of different sizes and guaranteed thickness, as well as oil pipes are also designed as Specialized pipe to ensure that fire and explosion do not take place.

In general, each type of industrial and civil soundproofing system has different specific properties. To ensure environmental standards and create good health for people or not to disturb the residential area, STC Technology Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd. with enthusiasm for the profession has been set as the motto for us to continue. Continuously creating the best products, our products are almost present in major major projects in Vietnam.
The soundproofing room of the generator, the soundproof generator, the soundproof generator, almost we ensure a comprehensive system with the best capacity and working experience to ensure the environment and human health.
Please contact us for advice and analysis of system-related problems.

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