Soundproof room for generator


Soundproof room for generator, soundproofing system of generator according to Vietnamese Standard (TCVN).
Today, most civil works to industrial, people minimize the noise for factories and residential areas to avoid affecting people, reducing labor efficiency, fatigue or affecting the area. residential nuisance or may lead to litigation because of the annoying noises caused
In the types of noise, people are classified into many types, there are two main types: Instant noise and continuous noise, often press or compressor systems create instant noise and are very annoying with bystanders, to generator noise but is almost constant, annoying operators or discomfort in densely populated areas.

At night, the noise is usually louder due to the influence of the environment and comprehensively reducing the ambient noise, so the noise becomes clearer.
To minimize that noise, STC Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd is the leading company in Vietnam, the company installs, advises the comprehensive product of the project as well as minimizes the noise caused by the machine. motor-induced hook up.
Instead, We from our experience in the way of working of each project based on numerical calculations, gauges and related equipment give a certain number and create soundproof rooms or soundproof boxes. Best for tech or civil generator systems.
Soundproof room: Made of skeleton material, cotton, and soundproof wall using quality galvanized steel sheet, bringing high aesthetic work and maximum performance for the device.
Soundproof box: Also made of steel, electrostatic stainless steel, and the best soundproofing material to minimize noise affecting humans.
Soundproof standards from 55 DBa to 70 Dba, to this day, the standard is even stricter to give the best number according to TCVN to minimize noise affecting humans.
Slient Exhaut Mufferller (Slient Exhaut Mufferller), insulation system, oil pipe system and comprehensive system for civil and industrial machine rooms.
Please contact us for more details, and competitive prices for each product.

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