Generator soundproof room and choosing suitable materials in terms of noise level


Generator soundproof room and choosing suitable materials in terms of noise level
What is generator soundproof room? Generator soundproof room is a large-area soundproofing system where generators or industrial machinery and equipment are located with large noise emissions. The system that suppresses sound but still ensures the operation of the machine is called a soundproof room system.

Noise levels often fluctuate, causing discomfort with the human ear threshold of 100 Dba to 140 Dba or higher. The high noise level is low due to the metallurgical composition of the machine as well as the component of the internal combustion engine with more or less end muffler due to the Company’s manufacturing.
As a matter of fact, many soundproofing options for industrial parks and export processing zones are very difficult on the basis of mainly construction consulting contractors, and the problem is based on not high accuracy and experience. developed by them and based on the experience of the main construction contractors.
SBM Vietnam Technology Development Joint Stock Company is a qualified company to install soundproof rooms for generators or for industrial equipment with specialized fields. TCVN standards in all provinces in Vietnam.
Sound reduction depends on the following characteristics:
Soundproof bricks are solid bricks that have higher sound insulation standards than hole bricks because related to the density of the surface and inside the built volume, the volume of the wall is proportional to the sound reduction.
The density of soundproofing materials is also proportional to the sound reduction. The higher the density, the higher the sound reduction (low noise reduction).
Cladding material holds soundproofing and beautifying materials standard, the number of holes must be over 70% of the holes on the entire surface.
Advantages: Using soundproofing materials costs more, but the system maintenance is convenient when located in a large area, easy to manipulate and replace damaged machine systems.
Cons: High cost for the system.
Solve and overcome the disadvantages: Create a ventilation system for the machine room but do not affect the machine equipment, but the standard noise level is significantly reduced and meets TCVN standards. Relying on drawings and simulation tables for a comprehensive system, empirical hypotheses and arguments produce higher room value than using more materials.
The ventilation also reduces the material, the way the wings are installed and the length of the spoiler is also minimized in terms of materials.
Make sure to meet the standards of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, see the circular and soundproofing on environmental noise levels for residential and industrial zones and areas with high population density.
The sound insulation system of STC Vietnam Engineering Technology Co., Ltd is chosen by many investment units because our system meets the maximum noise standards. Please visit our website or social media platforms to view information about our Company.
Structure soundproof room and temperature: Soundproof room is composed of sound-insulating material, so the room cooling system is an indispensable device for the generator soundproof room.
* The temperature in the room must meet the standard of cooling or cooling the machine during long-term operation during the rest of the machine is a system with a cooling fan including: Exhaust fan and Fan pushing hot air due to generator or generators generated by the transmission and the internal combustion engine.
* Temperature is controlled by sensor temperature detection system to minimize the possibility of human operation.
The methods of soundproofing soundproofing for generators are generally using materials with technical characteristics that are soundproof materials or exactly Rockwool (mineral cotton, glass wool), density from 60- 80-100-120-150-175-200-250 Kg/m3. The high and low density is due to the fact that the material manufacturer uses a compressor to create a large and small density and instead, the cost is also related to the density.
The comprehensive soundproofing system for generators includes the following small combined systems:
Soundproofing system for walls and ceilings.
Air in and out system.
Fire alarm and fire fighting system.
Oil supply system and control cabinet.
Oil pump system.
Exhaust system of an internal combustion engine.
STC Vietnam Technical Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in technical development to meet the maximum requirements for the standard soundproof room system in Vietnam.

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