Cable tray ladder accessories and classification of cable tray ladder accessories


Cable tray ladder accessories and classification of cable tray ladder accessories
In the process of installing cable tray equipment on the system, installation accessories play an important role in connecting products together, creating a product connected by accessories together. more firmly and according to the schematic diagram the drawing has been worked.

SBM Vietnam Development Joint Stock Company is a device-oriented development company and equipment optimization, along with the best product quality, effectively using NC and CNC machines to create good products on the market. market with competitive prices.
Description of technical characteristics of cable tray ladder accessories: commonly used steel grades are Q195L, Q215, Q235, SS400, CT3, SS490 and other products. Equipment is manufactured to standards and can be powder coated or galvanized or hot-dip galvanized depending on where and how the equipment is used. The device is made as a bracket, the base supports the device format to be connected to each other most firmly. The origin of materials is made from Vietnam, China, Korea and Russia, especially for Korea, there is Hyundai Steel Mark.

Classification of accessories: 1. Threaded tyres – Threaded tyres are made from iron or stainless steel with galvanized or hot-dip galvanizing depending on equipment and usage environment.
2. Connection screws: And just like threaded screws, can be hot-dip galvanized or electro-galvanized iron screws.
3. Cable tray clamping bracket: Depending on the shape of the clamping bracket, the clamping bracket has 02 to 05 connection holes on one end depending on the size of the cable tray ladder frame.
4. Eke : Cable tray ladder support is designed with V or U, depending on the weight that the ladder or cable tray has a load depending on the number of wires placed on the system but also related to the thickness of the cable tray ladder, Cable tray ladders are designed to be up to 3mm to work effectively with the weight of the equipment and the wires placed on it.
5. Co: Cable tray ladder shrinking device is manufactured at 90 degree or 45 degree angle, also known as Co Loi, in this form is manufactured to route branching for main shaft or cable tray ladder.

6. T : Trough or turn shaped like a fork called T cable tray ladder, this product has the effect of redirecting the cable tray ladder from a large branch or a small branch to a large trough depending on the needs of each project. .
7. Cross: Cable tray ladder cross is a branching device with 4 lines like a cross, so it is called Cross of Ladder or Cable Trough.
8. Shrink Up: There are two types of contraction: Back contraction or Cable tray extension, why is there this word, because Back contraction is a cable that goes like a human’s back down and Belly is a device placed Close to the stomach like a human is down, these are 02 folk or common words describing the product that you want to ask for.
9. Shrinkage: Shrinkage is as well as back contraction and expansion, shrinking has the function of branching each main shaft down to the base of smaller systems.
10. Reducer: The device to reduce the cable tray ladder is a device from a large line such as 300 and down to 150, this reducer has the function of assembling and keeping the 300 cable tray connected to the 150 cable tray ladder.
And there are more types of cable tray accessories, depending on the needs of many companies or individuals.

Cable tray ladders are used in most projects throughout Vietnam by our company. We manufacture most of cable tray ladders including: Product name and product type at the Company. We: 300×50, 100×100, 100×50, 150×50, 200×100, 200×50, 200×200, 250×100, 250×50, 250×200, 300×50, 300×100, 300×150, 300×200, 400×50, 400x100x 400×200, cable ladder products 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 is 50 or 100 high on the wall of the cable ladder depending on the customer’s request.

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