Electric cable tray


Electric cable tray ladder and cable tray ladder system, cable tray cable tray, corrugated iron cable tray, are arranged and managed to help electrical wires, signal cables, network bran or other transmission lines be fixed in one box or group together routing the path of the power cable system of electrical equipment, to facilitate equipment maintenance or troubleshooting, especially against insect damage, saving space and preserving space. Better device management.
Common types of cable tray ladders:
Powder coated cable tray is the type that is installed in high-rise apartment buildings, large villas, or commercial centers, the ladder carrying electric cables is preserved with a large electrostatic powder coating to resist natural corrosion caused by frequent contact with equipment that generates heat, and this temperature also changes frequently due to contact with conductors, heat generated by load currents in equipment transmission wires, generally powder coated cable trays relatively durable for projects up to 50 years.
The zam corrugated iron cable tray is designed on available zinc coated corrugated iron materials such as Phuong Nam, Dong A, Truong Thanh, or other corrugated iron manufacturers in Vietnam, the level and percentage of zinc 8 -10-12 depends on the manufacturer but also varies with the cost of equipment.
Hot-dip galvanized cable tray is a device manufactured from black steel corrugated iron, with a relative thickness of 1.5mm or more, usually installed in places with harsh climates or frequently exposed to corrosive environments. rapid wear or corrosive chemicals.
Standard characteristics: powder coated black corrugated iron, galvanized steel, or 201, 316 stainless steel or finished products and hot dipped galvanized, standard length is usually 1-1.5-2-2.5-3 Meters depending on the technical requirements of each type of installation.
In which, Co, T, up and down crosses are also designed according to existing corrugated iron walls or uniformly according to one type of corrugated iron for the entire system or for dynamic cable ladder paths with larger thickness for routing. for heavy materials.
Cable tray – Trunking is a cable tray used to install conductors with small cross-section, low heat generation, often routing for network cable systems, control cables from equipment to large power systems, separated from High heat generating dynamic cable system.
Cable tray ladder or cable tray ladder in English is called Cable Ladder – Trunking is a wire routing system for electrical cable systems. Used to support, or gather devices together in a fixed box,
STC Vietnam Technical Technology Co., Ltd is the best cable tray manufacturing company in Vietnam with 10 years of experience in the most advanced signal and power transmission equipment system today.
Cable ladder includes: cable tray ladder 300×50, 100×100, 100×50, 150×50, 200×100, 200×50, 200×200, 250×100, 250×50, 250×200, 300×50, 300×100, 300×150, 300×200, 400×50, 400x100x 400×200, commonly designed cable ladder: 400×100 , 400×150, 500×100, 500×150, 600×100 depending on the number of cables that the device is created with enough cabling on the system.

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