Cheap cable ladder ladder and cable ladder manufacturing process


Currently, most industrial and civil constructions have electrical cable bars or troughs lumped together to form the best storage system for electrical wires, often metal blocks in the shape of ladders or boxes. conduct electrical cables, technical or called cable ladder ladder.
Depending on the weight of the power cable to focus on creating a small or large weight, more or less cables, creating a ladder of different thick and thin cables.
The following is the basic price list of cable tray:
Instead, many devices for large or small electrical cables depending on capacity, which require good quality cable ladder to create durable products for buildings during use time from 50 to 100 years. .
There are the following types of cable ladder and tray:
1.1 Electrostatic cable tray ladder: The type of electrostatic cable tray is used by most projects because of the beautiful aesthetics, the color can be combined with the whole project to create eye-catching for the aesthetic of the project but still ensure construction quality.
1.2 Galvanized cable ladder: In order to quickly respond to the under construction works without high aesthetic appeal, galvanized cable ladder products are produced with suppliers such as Ton Dong A, Ton Hoa Sen. , Ton Phuong Nam, the percentage of zinc is also assessed through products such as zinc Z8, Z12 depending on the usage environment.
Furthermore, to use the cable ladder ladder located in places where corrosive places such as marine environment and high climates are used, hot-dip galvanized cable ladder ladder is used.
The manufacturing process of cable ladder ladder is as follows:
2.1 Putting the raw material and out the billet: The Company We produce the billet by using the Amada breaker used exclusively for the cable ladder product, increasing the precision to take it to the next step.
2.2 Put into the CNC or NC punching machine to create ladder tray, cable or tray tray, increase ventilation to reduce heat for the power cable in the cable tray.
2.3 Put the correctly stamped material into the press brake and form the product of the cable trough.
2.4 For ladders, the steps are similar.
2.5 Paint process is also tightly controlled with 07 steps to put on the oven and create the best product on all projects.
With the Company We are passionate about the technical profession and more of the Company project We are present throughout the provinces of Vietnam and other countries such as Laos and Cambodia, also using technology to produce fast cable ladder. the most beautiful, the most beautiful, but the price is also considered the cheapest issue in the Vietnamese cable ladder market.
Please contact us for more details and our Company will assist customers on every journey to create the best projects for future generations.
For more information, please contact: Minh Duc – 0911.77.08.78
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